Monday, April 6, 2009

No time to blog...

No time to blog "My Thoughts"... So just a quick update...

Yes, I know that I have not been able to write more frequently these last seven weeks. But that does not mean that I am giving up on my New Year's Resolution to blog and blog and blog. It's just that life has been a lot hectic with house shifting, in-laws travel plans, general household activities and change of project professionally.
Life has just been too hectic to the extent that neither I find time to write a blog nor I find time to follow and read a blog.

I do not expect life's pace to get any slower in the near future for me to be able to find time to sit and pen down my thoughts here more often. But I will definitely find time once things settle down which could take few more weeks or even months. In the mean time, I will try to squeeze in few of "My Thoughts" as and when I find time and the energy to channelize my thoughts here.

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