Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's resolution

Every year millions of people around the globe decide to take a resolution, hopefully for a good reason, by New Year's eve and decide to implement the same from New Year's day. The resolutions range from Quitting Smoking to Hitting the gym more often to Not speeding and thereby avoiding traffic tickets and what not. But the question is how many of them really keep up to their resolutions and how many even try to keep up to it. Probably that's one of the reason why we see a hike in the number of gym registrations in January as compared to rest of the year.

I believe that you would be able follow these resolutions as long as you take these resolutions heartfelt and you really want to do it for a good reason rather than take it just because you want to join the bandwagon of people who have taken a New Year Resolution.

On a sidetrack, this year (2009) I hear from a lot of people that their resolution is to spend less given the tough economic situation. But I sincerely hope that people fail in this resolution, at least those who can afford to spend, as spending is what is all economy about. More dollars people spend more dollars in circulation and better the economy. Anyway, everybody is playing a wait and watch game here. So will I. But I will definitely not curtail on my spending unless I feel I am spending above my limitations.

Getting back on track, I have also taken a few funny resolutions, just for the heck of it and also taken some serious resolutions, at least serious for me. One such resolution that I can remember is something that I took, I believe, in 1982/83 when I was 7/8 years old. I had this funny habit of sucking my left thumb as a kid and my parents tried different methods for me get rid of this habit like wiping my left thumb with a bitter neem tree solution so that the next time when I suck my thumb it would taste bitter and then onwards I would stop sucking my thumb. But me being me, none worked and I was happily sucking my thumb as though there was a sweet juice coming out of it... :)
It was not as though the habit was dangerous or affecting me physically/mentally. But the fact that I was kind of stubborn in not getting away from the habit, I believe, made my parents a bit annoyed though it was obvious that as I grew older I would automatically get rid of it.

Then, I believe, in 1982/83 when I was 7/8 years old in December my mom and my sister (4 yrs elder) asked me to take it as a New Year Resolution and stop sucking my thumb from January 1 of the following year. It was a tough decision for me to give away the habit that has been with me for a long time until then in my life. Imagine a kid being told that he can play all he wants until December 31 but should quit playing altogether from January 1 and just sit at home. That sounds serious stuff, right. That was how it was for me.

Anyway, for me that was the first New Year resolution and I was kind of excited, as a kid, and went about saying to everybody about it. Then came the dreaded January 1. I was very stubborn and evading my temptation to my habit and successfully got rid of my it... yeah baby... :) But as a kind I found it very difficult to keep up to the resolution and at the same time I was surprised, even at that age, as to how much of will power I do have. Don't ask me if I have used it effectively in my life... I myself am looking for an answer for that question. Will definitely blog here the day I find the answer to it. So keep checking this blog.

This is how I started my journey with New Year resolutions. Ever since so many years have come and so many resolutions I have taken and followed/not followed. But the fact that the positive energy associated with a New Year's resolution is what makes people to at least try to keep up to it as compared to resolutions taken at any other time of the year.

Well, I will write another blog at a later point in time about another funny resolution that I took a few years back and how I could keep up to it for a year before taking a resolution the following year to break the original resolution... :)

Anyway, this year I have a taken a resolution to blog and blog and blog as much as I can and to pen down (in today's terms - to type) "My Thoughts" on anything and everything that attracts me. This is my first blog here to start with the promise of keeping up with my New Year's (2009) Resolution. Hope I can find time to keep up to it.

Happy reading.


  1. Hey buddy, wonderful start as a blogger. Just retain the same spirit & blog regularly. All the best.

  2. heyy!! firstly i'm shocked wid ur resolution.. secondly. lovely writin man!!.. btw i remember hw our grandma used to tell me these stories of applyin bitter oil to stop u from tat habit wen i was thumb suckin until almost 5th grade..:-) gr8 memories.. lovely start.. keep up to ur resolution.. way to go!!


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