Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Purpose of Life!!!

Why has god, the supreme power, brought us into this planet? What was his expectation? Did he had a reasoning and explanation to have brought us here or is the whole purpose of landing us in this planet is for us to find answers to these questions and thereby answer the question, What is the purpose of our life?

I have never thought of identifying the purpose of my life until recently as those who know me would know that I have always been the kind of person who does not think toooo much about life but just takes life as it comes. But off late I have been thinking and trying to answer the above mentioned questions. I can tell you for sure that neither have I found the purpose of my life nor sure whether I will be able to figure it out. I will definitely post a blog the day I find the purpose of my life. Yet another reason for you to keep track of my blog... :)

So now I have a question as to how does one come to know if they have identified the purpose of their life. How do we measure it?. Are we allowed to measure it, in the first place? or As humans are we allowed to only keep looking for the purpose of our life and it is only after our death that the gods get to measure it and accordingly decide our next life form, if there was one, or whether our souls go to heaven or hell.

This reminds me of a dialogue from a recent Hollywood movie, "The Bucket List" starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. In that movie, at one point Morgan Freeman mentions to Jack Nicholson that the ancient Egyptians believed, after our death the gods ask our souls two questions as follows...

1. Have you found joy in your life?
2. Have others found joy out of your life?

...based on the the answer to these questions the gods decided whether we served the purpose of our life and whether we deserve to go to heaven or hell.

I found this interesting, particularly the second question. I am sure many of us will tell "Yes" for the first one but how many of us can tell "Yes" for the second question. Is the purpose of our life, is to give joy and hope to others? Could be. What say? I feel as humans we all are responsible for each other and if we can help each other be happy there is nothing more joyful than seeing joy in others eyes.

Anyway, while I continue my journey to identify the purpose of my life you too continue yours and lets hope our paths cross each others for good.

If at all we were lucky to know the purpose of our lives, does it mean that there is nothing interesting anymore in our lives? Or since we have found the purpose of our lives we basically start relaxing or do the opposite of it and try and perfect the cause of the purpose of our lives? Well I will leave that question to someone who has, in the first place, identified the purpose of his/her life. If you are that person, then please do leave a note... :)


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  1. very nice.. but i wonder since wen u started lookin at life soo seriouslyy:)


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